Our Mission

runNYC is dedicated to helping elect progressive Democratic candidates in the NYC area.  We identify current and potential future progressive candidates, support them in their runs for elected office, and provide tools and resources to help them win.  We are also committed to fostering the development of campaign staff at the local level, and to developing tools for grassroots political activism. 


Our Origins

We grew out of #GetOrganizedBK, a grassroots movement of Brooklyn residents working together to defend democracy and human dignity, shine a light on corruption, resist hate and injustice, love our neighbors, and protect all Americans from the harm posed by the Trump Administration.

Our Work

In 2017, runNYC supported several city council and Brooklyn-wide candidates for primary races in September and in the general November election. In addition, we created a New York City political primer for citizens interested in understanding their local government and potential candidates considering a run for office.


In 2018, we supported NYC area candidates for the New York State Senate and U.S. Congress, including Liuba Grechen Shirley, Max Rose, Andrew Gounardes, and Zellnor Myrie.  We coordinated canvassing and phone banking for their campaigns, and held fundraisers for the candidates.

In 2019, we are turning our attention to the issues of voting reform and campaign finance reform, as well as continuing to develop relationships with community groups to identify new leaders who are interested in running for elected office. 

We welcome new members who have a passion for local politics and the wellbeing of NYC and the surrounding area.


Interested in joining the team? Let us know!